March 3, 2016

Donald Trump’s Wild Ride As he piles up GOP delegates, the nation braces for a very difficult 2016

Donald Trump: Tribal Warrior How does he win? Divide and conquer

The Hidden Cost of ‘Surprise’ Medical Bills You only think you’re covered

Ibtihaj Muhammad Gives Team USA a New Edge The fencer brings faith and fearlessness to this summer’s

What a Year of Racial Strife Has Taught Bernie and Hillary The candidates have taken different approaches to the black community

New Ways to Improve Well-Being at Work Researchers reveal tips for feeling better in the office

The Nuclear Deal Pays Off In Iran’s Elections

The Inside Story of the Five Guys Who Set Out to Reform the NSA

Could Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Spawn a Liberal Tea Party? The candidate has sparked the populist revolution he’s always talking about

How Coloring Inside the Lines Came Into Fashion Adults pick up their crayons and colored pencils

12 Questions With Loretta Lynn With her first album in 12 years and a new PBS documentary about her life, the 83-year-old coal miner’s daughter isn’t slowing down

Do Kids Really Get Along With Their Parents?

How the Pay Gap Hurts Women’s Financial Security

How to Get Angry With the Wu-Tang Clan Rage is all the rage these days

Review: An Idyllic World Turns Deadly in The Wave The film is being billed as Norway’s first disaster movie

Your Longevity Is Good for Business Industries find new ways to cater to the aging population

The Upside of Loneliness

Europe Fractures As the Migrant Crisis Worsens

The Radically Simple Solution to Homelessness Cities are increasingly choosing to house the homeless

What Is Killing Off the Pollinators? Over 75% of types of crops rely on bees, butterflies and other critters to pollinate plants. A new U.N. report shows these pollinators are dying fast, threatening global food security. Here’s why.

Quick Talk With Tina Fey The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot star discusses her latest transformation into a TV news reporter, this one based on Kim Barker

Fallout from Flint’s Water Crisis

Review: Malick’s Cups Runneth Over—and Over This director is hardly the perceptive student of human nature he’s cracked up to be

World’s Longest Flights

The Sunken Museum

Review: Will Arnett Struggles by the Beach in Flaked One of TV’s funniest actors misses the mark on Netflix


Review: Underground Is a New Kind of Slavery Drama WGN America’s new series takes place in 1857 Georgia

Review: Tina Fey Falls in Love With a War Zone in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot War is no place for anybody, which is one of the ideas nailed by this zig-zagging, high-spirited movie

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Stephen Curry A new NBA record

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