British historian Sir Ian Kershaw speaks at the presentation of the new critical edition of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" at the Institut fuer Zeitgeschichte (Institute for Contemporary History)on January 8, 2016 in Munich, Germany. The new edition, which augments Hitler's original text with critical analysis, is the first new publication of the book in Germany since World War II. The state of Bavaria held the copyright to the book and prohibited publication, though the copyright expired on January 1 of this year. Adolf Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf", which is both an autobiography and a presentation of his political views, while he was a prisoner in Germany in the 1920s.
The new edition of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" augments Hitler's original text with critical analysis. Johannes Simon—2016 Getty Images

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf Is Now a Best Seller in Germany

Feb 23, 2016

A new edition of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf is now a best seller in Germany.

The latest version of the Nazi leader’s notorious manifesto sold out in January, a week after hitting bookstores for the first time since his death, according to USA Today. Each copy of Hitler: Mein Kampf: A Critical Edition costs about $64, or €59, the Associated Press previously reported.

The new edition, produced and printed by the Munich-based Institute for Contemporary History, contains almost 2,000 more pages than the original and includes critical commentary, according to the AP. I t was second on the nonfiction-book list this week, behind The Secret Life of Trees, according to Der Spiegel magazine's best-seller list.

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