House of Cards' President Underwood Added to the National Portrait Gallery

Feb 22, 2016

Another reason for all the power to go to Frank Underwood's head: the fictional president now has his own painting in the National Portrait Gallery, a museum that is home to many portraits of real U.S. presidents.

Kevin Spacey, who plays Underwood in the Netflix series House of Cards, was present at the unveiling on Monday, noting, "I think that when it’s hung at the right height, you may wonder if I’m about to kick you in the face—which seems appropriate for this particular character," the Washington Post reports.

Artist Jonathan Yeo undertook the painting, and pointed out the way he tried to make the paint look somewhat pixelated. "We were trying to mimic the formality of an official portrait, but at the same time leave some of the loose lateral brushstrokes to suggest a digital image flickering on a screen."

The painting will go on view for the public on Wednesday, less than 10 days before season four's March 4 debut on Netflix.

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