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Watch Stephen Colbert Host His Own Version of the Westminster Dog Show

Feb 18, 2016

On Tuesday, a German Shorthaired Pointer called CJ was named Best In Show at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show. The next day, Stephen Colbert decided to host his own version of Westminster on The Late Show, because he really loves the event. ("It's like the Grammys, but with dogs, and less public urination.")

Colbert explained that his office allows staffers to bring their dogs to work, so he invited two of his employees and their pups to compete.

First up was Riley, whose breed class was described as "none of the above." Her greatest strength is that she'll put anything in her mouth. Her weaknesses include her matted hair and frequent gassiness.

Next up is the glorious Dexter, described as "a long-tongued mostly pug." He'll be 15 in April, making him 105 in human years.

In the end, Colbert awards Dexter "Best in Tongue" and awards Riley "Most In My Office After Paul Has Left, Evidently Forgetting He Has a Dog."

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