Experience Mars in 360 Degrees With This New NASA Video

Feb 10, 2016

NASA made it much easier to explore Mars this week when the agency released a video featuring a 360-degree view of the planet.

The video, stitched together from images taken by the Curiosity rover, offers views of the downwind face of the Namib Dune and a glimpse at Mount Sharp on Mars. The rover is about 23 feet from the bottom of the nearest dune, according to NASA, the mission's examination of dunes along lower Mount Sharp is the first glimpse of active sand dunes anywhere other than on the Earth's surface.


The images were taken on Dec. 18 using the rover's Mast Camera, which takes color images used to make panorama views. The rover recently sent back a "selfie" to Earth and there is also a still version of the shot of the Namib Dune.

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