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By Zeke J Miller
January 26, 2016

Democrats faced off for the final time before the Iowa caucuses Monday night in a town hall hosted by CNN. The format featured each candidate facing questions separately for more than 30 minutes, but nevertheless provided ample contrast for voters. Bernie Sanders was first up, continuing his assault on Hillary Clinton‘s ties to Wall Street, while defending his own socialism. Martin O’Malley made his now-routine pitch for a new generation of leadership. And Clinton argued her pragmatic streak makes her best equipped to be president. With just days until the caucuses, the Democratic contest remains neck-and-neck in Iowa, with Sanders and Clinton swapping the lead in recent polling. But the outcome will depend both on turnout—can Sanders expand the electorate?—and on the distribution of their support around the state.

Ted Cruz is doubling down on the “New York values” critique of Trump in a new ad airing in Iowa, as he seeks to preserve his lead in a state where he allowed expectations to rise too high. With Donald Trump rebounding amid simultaneous attacks from his right and left flanks, Cruz is looking for a clear-cut victory in order to begin the process of narrowing the GOP field. Trump, meanwhile, is threatening to sit out Thursday’s GOP debate over Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly’s participation. Trump went on an extended personal tirade against the anchor after the August debate, believing her questions were unfair.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan worries about the tone and tenor of the GOP primary sinking the party going into the fall, but there is little he and other Republican leaders can do, other than to call for candidates to drop out. But most candidates still see a narrow path to the nomination and will be hard-pressed to get out while they still see a chance, potentially keeping the party establishment from rallying around a non-Trump or Cruz candidate.

John Kasich warns of Trump witch-hunts. Hillary Clinton wants to talk about love and kindness. And Sanders fights off flip-flopping charges.

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Sound Off

“I do worry about a conservative circular firing squad. All that does is play into the hands of the left, and give them the election victory by default that they’re looking for.” — Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt Monday

“You know look, I’ve been around a long time. People have thrown all kinds of things at me. And you know I can’t keep up with it. I just keep going forward.” — Hillary Clinton on her resilience at a CNN town hall in Iowa Monday

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