A southern house spider
A southern house spider Joel Sartore/Getty Images/National Geographic

Watch This Dad Freak Out When His Family Spots a Spider on Him

Jan 21, 2016

When this man entered his home after being out in the yard, he couldn't have anticipated what was about to happen. Or — since he knew he had just walked through a "huge" spider web — maybe he could have.

A video showing an entire family freaking out after spotting a spider is going viral. The clip begins with a mom and daughter relaxing on the couch when the dad barges in from outside and asks if they see a spider on him. "Is it on me?," he asks. "Look, please, for real."

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The two do in fact see the eight-legged creepy-crawly and begin to scream, causing him to panic, start shrieking and run away while ripping his shirt off. "Daddy, you screamed like a little girl. You're funny," the daughter says.

Watch the full video above.

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