Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in Norwalk, Iowa, on Jan. 20, 2016.
Evan Vucci—AP
By Daniel White
January 20, 2016

Americans are skeptical of anyone running for the White House in 2016, according to a new poll.

A Pew Research Center survey released Wednesday shows voters as a whole doubt any of the 2016 candidates have the makings of a great president. However, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton received positive reviews from their own parties.

Overall, 31% of voters say that Trump would be a good or great president, while 52% think he would make a poor or terrible president, with 38% saying terrible. Clinton also has a negative favorability, with 44% saying she wouldn’t make a good or great president and 35% thinking she would.

When the survey results are broken down by party, however, the picture begins to look more favorable. Among Democrats, the possibility of a Clinton presidency receives a far more positive reaction than Bernie Sanders. A majority of Democrats, 64%, say Clinton would make a good or great president, compared to 51% for Sanders. Only 11% say she would be poor or terrible—and of Sanders supporters, 68% say Clinton would make a good or great president.

For Trump, 56% of Republican voters say he would make a good or great president, while 22% say he would be poor or terrible and 18% say he would be just an average president. No other candidate polled better among GOP voters and only Sen. Ted Cruz came close with 53% rating him favorably (29% think he would be average). Of those who say Trump would make a good president, 61% say the same about Cruz. Sen. Marco Rubio and Ben Carson polled reasonably well, with 44% predicting they would be good or great, while only 25% said the same of Jeb Bush.

The survey was conducted from Jan. 7-14 and surveyed 2,009 adults nationally, including 1,525 registered voters.

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