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Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a weekly meeting outside of Moscow, Russia, Jan.13, 2016 Mikhail Svetlov—Getty Images

Vladimir Putin Claims That Russia Has Developed an Ebola Vaccine

Jan 14, 2016
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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that his country has developed a vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus.

After a series of tests, the drug was shown to be “more effective and stronger” than drugs currently used worldwide, Putin was quoted as saying by Russian news agency RIA Novosti. He did not provide further details about the new medicine.

The World Health Organization does not currently recognize any Ebola vaccine or treatment, beyond symptomatic care, but potential drugs are undergoing evaluation. Experts have also greeted Putin's claim with considerable skepticism, with one researcher calling it "nonsensical."

A two-year Ebola crisis in West Africa that killed more than 11,000 people sparked a new rush to find a cure. The region is due to be declared Ebola-free on Thursday.

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