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This Vending Machine Made of LEGOs Dispense Chicken McNuggets

Dec 10, 2015

Warning: as soon as you see this, you'll be sad you don't have one.

It's a vending machine, made entirely out of LEGOs, that dispenses boxes of McDonald's chicken McNuggets. And dipping sauces. Behind this contraption is Astonishing Studios, a YouTuber who makes candy machines, arcade games and more, all using LEGOs.

For this particular machine, he used a Lego Mindstorms set, which is a custom software and hardware kit for creating robotics, the Verge reports. To get your nuggets, you must drop in a €2 coin. (Any other coin won't work in the machine's internal system and will be rejected.)

There are a few downsides: it doesn't have a heating system, so your nuggets may not stay hot. Also, it has a two-box limit, but that's probably more of an advantage, as far as your health is concerned.

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