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Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Video Inspired Some Incredible Dancing Memes

Oct 20, 2015

On Monday night, Drake released the video for “Hotline Bling,” his single currently at No. 2 on the Billboard charts, via Apple Music. After a nod to the actual hotline referenced in the title, the bulk of the video’s five minutes features Drake, bathed in candy-colored light, dancing against a stark background.

Come Tuesday morning, the rapper-slash-singer’s dancing—which, according to Internet consensus, may be justly described as goofy—had inspired a vast assortment of memes, setting his moves to songs that might seem incongruous if not for their surprisingly fitting beats. Below are the best of those memes, which collectively prove that, no matter the genre, no matter the TV theme song, Drake always dances on beat.

First things first, it's not unusual to be loved by Drake:

The video appears to have awakened a force in the performer:

Though some find his dancing dorky, others consider it suave:

If Vince Guaraldi made music videos, they may well have looked like this:

But the Peanuts crew is not the only bunch of scrappy cartoon kids Drake channels:

One Canadian dances to another Canadian's beats:

If all else fails, Drake may have a future in Bollywood:

Or in a Bob Marley cover band:

But the biggest lesson of all is that Drake may be the Frasier Crane of a generation:

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