Josh Raab for TIME

'Extreme Phone Pinching' Is a New Internet Craze That Will Make You Super Anxious

Oct 07, 2015

Over the years, we've seen many Internet crazes come and go. From planking to Tebowing to extreme selfies, the people on the World Wide Web have shown us that they're capable of making pretty much anything into a fad.

Now, inspired by a video released by the band Twenty One Pilots, social media users are turning "extreme phone pinching" into the latest viral challenge, according to CBC News. The anxiety-inducing trend involves precariously holding your phone with just your thumb and forefinger over somewhere you really wouldn't want it to fall.

A few tamer examples of the craze include dangling your expensive smartphone over a balcony or in the gap of a sewer drain. Although some go to much more daring lengths to show how risky they're willing to be with their precious gadgets.

So if you'd like to spend the rest of the day nervously sweating, feel free to peruse the hashtag #extremephonepinching on Twitter or Instagram.

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