New York Yankees v Oakland Athletics
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Inspirational Yankees Fan Won't Give Up on Quest to Catch a Foul Ball

Sep 30, 2015

Normally you don't have to buy such an expensive ticket to be this publicly embarrassed.

Little did this fan know what a nightmare his terrific seats on Yankee Stadium's third-base line would become at Tuesday's Red Sox-Yankees game. The unfortunate guy was caught on camera butchering three separate shots at catching a foul ball.

First came a pop foul that he dropped. OK, pop-ups can be tricky. But that was followed by a ground ball that went right through his hands and into his chest. Finally, a merciful ball boy tried to throw the guy a bone by softly tossing him a ball that ended up hitting him in the face. The man was forced to reach over the wall to pick up his long-awaited prize.

Is any souvenir worth so much of your dignity?

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