Bill Hader Reveals What He Did After Getting Stoned With Trainwreck Costars in Amsterdam

Bill Hader appeared on Late Night Monday night and got candid about his experience in Amsterdam with the Trainwreck cast.

“How did you go about Amsterdam? What’d you guys do?” Meyers asked Hader.

“We got stoned,” Hader said. That checks out. The SNL alum went on to say that he doesn’t smoke often, but when he does he resembles dads who smoke: “We’re smoking grass … I’m hip.” While in the red light district, Hader said he lost his frightened Trainwreck costar Vanessa Bayer.

“I lost her. It was my fault. I was too stoned to go find her,” Hader recalled.

Bayer then made a surprise appearance on Late Night, slurring her words. “Vanessa, are you still a little impaired?” Meyers asked.

A nigh unintelligible Bayer then launched into a story about a woman named Tulip, which appeared to answer Meyers’ question.

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