Zimbabwe Lion Killed cecil
In this frame grab taken from a Nov. 2012 video made available by Paula French, a well-known, protected lion known as Cecil strolls around in Hwange National Park, in Hwange, Zimbabwe. ` Paula French—AP

Robert Mugabe Says Zimbabweans To Blame for Cecil the Lion's Death

Aug 10, 2015

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe spoke publicly for the first time about Cecil the lion on Monday, suggesting that Zimbabwean citizens were to blame for the beloved animal's death.

“Cecil the lion was yours, and you failed to protect him,” Mugabe said in his annual speech on Heroes Day, the Washington Post reports. After the lion's shooting sparked international outrage, his killer, Walter J. Palmer, said he was unaware that the animal was lured off its sanctuary and blamed his guides for causing Cecil's death.

“I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study, until the end of the hunt,” Palmer said in a statement. “I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt.”

Mugabe called big-game hunting in Zimbabwe a "sin," though it is unknown if he plans to change the country's laws that allow hunters to go after lions, leopards, elephants and other animals. Zimbabwe lifted its hunting ban on the area where Cecil was killed after only 10 days.

While hunting is a lucrative revenue source for Zimbabwe, critics say most of that money ends up in the private hands of Mugabe's political allies and that his inclusion of Cecil in his speech was meant to divert attention from issues of unemployment and Zimbabwe's struggling economy.

“We were given a rich inheritance," said Mugabe during the conclusion of his speech. "Of course, they may bite, but they are ours."

[Washington Post]

Save the Animals: David Chancellor's Powerful Photographs of Conservation Efforts

DC 081.55 001 elephant, ol pejeta conservancy, northern kenya-fr
An elephant collaring team watches as an elephant recovers from a tranquilizing dart. The future of wildlife in northern Kenya will require support and engagement from local communities allowing the safe migration of wildlife along centuries-old routes, across tribal lands. Once fitted with a satellite tracking collar the elephant's progress can be monitored.David Chancellor—INSTITUTE
DC 081.55 001 elephant, ol pejeta conservancy, northern kenya-fr
DC 258.46 001 darting elephant, ol pejeta conservancy, northern
DC 050.52 001 elephant relocation # I, ol pejeta conservancy, no
DC 263.41 001 elephant relocation # VI, ol pejeta conservancy, n
DC 029.41 001 elephant collar, sera conservancy, northern kenya-
DC 047.49 001 elephant relocation # VII, ol pejeta conservancy,
DC 4946.41 001 samburu moran # V, west gate community conservanc
DC 077.53 001 untitled, westgate community conservancy, northern
DC 001.53 001 samburu moran # I, sasaab village, westgate commun
DC 091.49 001 lmuget le nkarna # XIX, sasaab village, westgate c
DC 067.55 001 lmuget le nkarna # XXVI, sasaab village, westgate
DC 063.52 001 lmuget le nkarna # XXII, sasaab village, westgate
DC 205.50 001 leopard and rangers, kisimi, northern kenya-from t
DC 139.48 001 lioness # III, lewa conservancy, northern kenya-fr
DC 171.55 001 call sign 9.1, isiolo county, northern kenya-from
DC 217.50 001 black rhino, forest area, lewa conservancy, northe
DC 4761.45 001 rhino # IV, killed by poachers, lewa conservancy,
DC 041.41 001 capture team # II, black rhino, lewa conservancy,
DC 4922.49 001 surgery team and sedated black rhino, operating t
DC 5000.50 001 surgery # II, black rhino, ol joggi conservancy,
DC 7509.45 001 orphan black rhino # II, lewa conservancy, kenya-
DC 002.49 001 hunters moon, northern kenya-from the series 'with
DC 128.50 001 poacher, dawn, lewa conservancy, northern kenya-fr
DC 072.49 001 elephants foot, northern kenya-from the series 'wi
DC 076.48 001 mortuary, nanyuki, northern kenya-from the series
DC 033.50 001 poacher, isiolo, northern kenya-from the series 'w
DC 4989.52 001 camouflage warrior # II, northern kenya-from the
DC 4976.43 001 lioness, northern kenya-from the series 'with but
DC 138.50 001 untitled # III, westgate community conservancy, no
DC 047.45 001 9.2, isiolo, northern kenya-from the series 'with
DC 158.48 001 grevy zebra, le parua conservancy, northern kenya-
DC 3810.43 001 monitoring lion, lewa conservancy, northern kenya
An elephant collaring team watches as an elephant recovers from a tranquilizing dart. The future of wildlife in norther

David Chancellor—INSTITUTE
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