Bush and Clinton in Dallas on July 9
Mark Seliger for TIME
July 23, 2015

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and the American Game of Thrones
The two ex-Presidents talk about the family business. Just don’t call it that

Hillary and Jeb Bring Out Big Ideas as a Populist Circus Hijacks the Campaign
The two candidates raise thoughtful points on issues like jobs

How a Good Government Can Beat Bad Debt
It’s not the size of the debt that counts. It’s the ability to manage it

Inside the Next Social Security Crisis
Why American women are bearing the brunt of the retirement crunch

In Praise of the Ordinary Child
It’s time to rethink what it means to be exceptional—and whether being No. 1 is worth pursuing at all

El Salvador’s Kill Zone
Warring gangs have turned the country into one of the world’s deadliest places

One Draft, Two Draft, Old Draft … New Dr. Seuss Book
What Pet Should I Get? is the writer’s first original book since his death in 1991

Caitlyn Jenner and Jazz Jennings Reveal Remarkable Women Living Amid the Mundane
Reviewing two new TV shows that deal with transgender issues

Cara Delevingne Sparks Paper Towns
The Instagram ‘It’ girl lights up the John Green adaptation

Quick Talk With Rachel McAdams
The actress on True Detective

Review: Southpaw’s Terrific Punch
Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the new boxing movie

Soundtrack for Summer’s Open Roads
Ashley Monroe releases her second album, The Blade

The On-demand Economy Takes Workers for a Ride
Companies like Uber are changing the modern workplace

The Rise of the ‘Good Divorce’
We’re in a new age of ‘conscious uncoupling’

How to Name a Crater on Pluto

10 Questions with Bret Baier
The host of Fox News’ Special Report discusses Donald Trump, confused dogs and preparing for a crowded GOP presidential debate

Solar-Powered Palm Trees
United Arab Emirates–based media firm D Idea has developed a creative way to make hot, crowded public spaces more pleasant for Dubai’s rapidly growing population. Here’s how its Smart Palm works.

Tech Titans in Turmoil

Competition and Common Ground

Ramadan’s End

How They Raised Their Millions

A $100 Million Quest to Make Contact With E.T.–Maybe

How Trauma Can Change Lives–for the Better

A Brief History of Interstellar Broadcasts
The Breakthrough Message isn’t humanity’s first effort to craft a greeting for alien life. Here’s a look at what we’ve already sent.

China’s Disruptors


E.L. Doctorow
Great American novelist

Lee Hsien Loong
Singapore’s Prime Minister spoke with TIME a few weeks before the Southeast Asian city-state’s 50th anniversary

How Nigeria is Bringing the Fight to Boko Haram

The New, Simpler CPR Saves Lives

The Next It Foods
Researchers from Oregon State University recently patented a new strain of dulse (the nutrient-packed seaweed) that tastes like bacon when it’s fried. But it’s not the only crop with a shot at cultural domination.

Noteworthy Advances in Alzheimer’s Research



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