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July 9, 2015

How Elizabeth Warren’s Populist Fury is Remaking Democratic Politics And what it means for Hillary Clinton’s campaign

2 Markets for Thrill Seekers to Watch Shanghai and Puerto Rico make waves

The Path to Pluto A NASA space probe is nearing one of the solar’s system’s final frontiers after a 9-year journey

Dubai’s Kingdom Tower Looks to Set a Record When it comes to new ultra-tall buildings, the sky is the limit

Why Golf Needs Jordan Spieth Tiger who?

My Bank Wants to Know My Favorite Color And ‘I don’t have one’ isn’t an option

Inside the Trouble at Reddit Ten years ago, two kids created the most interesting, unruly website on the Internet. Now Reddit is also one of the most powerful. Keeping it that way won’t be easy

Greece Tempts the Fates After rejecting a new bailout, Greeks find themselves on the brink of an economic disaster

A Conversation With the Dalai Lama The spiritual leader of Tibet, also known as Tenzin Gyatso, chatted with TIME on the morning of his 80th birthday

The Economic Toll of Terrorism

Review: Rectify Tells a Freed Convict’s Tale With Conviction Season 3 begins July 9 on Sundance

The Only People Donald Trump’s Campaign Is Good For Democrats benefit from his blunders

10 Questions With Ronda Rousey The mixed-martial-arts champion and author of a new memoir talks about her judo-champion mom, post-Olympics depression and getting into acting

Making Soccer History How the U.S. women’s team won

The Space-Time Continuum

Review: The Third Time’s the Charm for Miguel His new album borrows from many genres

The Reason for Flowers, Explained A new book details our obsession—and dependence—on floriculture

Why Video Games Need More Female Heroes Teenagers don’t want what we think they do

Review: Ayn Rand’s Ideal Her deadly, unpublished early novel illuminates—and unsettles

Why Millennials Can’t Afford to Be Color-blind About Race No, our society is not “post-racial”

Quick Talk With Philip Glass The composer talks about a new memoir and an upcoming film score

How to Waste Less Food Tips to get the most use out of your fridge

Review: Trainwreck Slides Just Outside Amy Schumer’s Sweet Spot The Comedy Central star’s new movie hits theaters

The L3D cube Brooklyn and Hong Kong–based tech firm Looking Glass raised more than $250,000 on Kickstarter to build its L3D cube, a first-of-its-kind, wi-fi-enabled LED fixture. Here’s how it works.

Denis Leary Delivers Rock of the Aged His new FX comedy is more dad-band than comeback tour

Misty Copeland Principal dancer

Bill de Blasio Versus ISIS Is the mayor ready to stop terrorism in New York City?


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