By Joanna Plucinska
June 25, 2015

Game of Thrones fans are abuzz with tantalizing speculation that a video, which allegedly appeared on Vimeo before being quickly taken down, was a leaked audition tape.

According to the Watchers on the Wall, an online community for Game of Thrones fans, the tape reportedly showed English actress Tehmina Sunny trying out for the part of a red priestess, apparently named Kinvara. Both Tyrion and Varys feature in the script, which, the site says, was transcribed by a reader who saw the audition footage before it was taken down.

Caution. Spoilers ahead.

This is how part of the dialog appears on the site:

Kinvara: “You don’t have to persuade me of anything. I came to help. Daenerys Stormborn is the One Who Was Promised. From the fire, she was reborn … to remake the world.”

Tyrion: “Yes.”

Kinvara: “She freed the slaves from their chains and crucified the Masters for their sins.”

Tyrion/Varys: “She did indeed.”

Kinvara: “Her dragons are fire made flesh. A gift from the Lord of Light. But you’ve heard all of this before, haven’t you? On the Long Bridge of Volantis? The dragons purify nonbelievers by the thousands, burning their sins and flesh away.”

Tyrion/Varys: “Ideally, we’d avoid purifying many non-believers. The Mother of the Dragon has followers from many different faiths.”

Kinvara: “You want your queen to be worshiped and obeyed. And while she’s gone, you want her advisors to be worshiped and obeyed.”

Tyrion: “I’d settle for obeyed.”

Kinvara: “I will summon mummers and appoint priests. They will spread the word. Daenerys has been sent to lead the people against the darkness … for this war, and the Great War yet to come.”

Varys: “That sounds excellent. A man named Stannis Baratheon was appointed as the Chosen One by one of your priestesses. He too had a glorious destiny. He attacked King’s Landing, and was soundly defeated by the man standing beside me. Last I heard, he’d been defeated again. This time at Winterfell … and this time for good.”

Authentic or not, we can’t say. But we do know this about season six. Filming will resume in Spain, and George R.R. Martin won’t be writing for it.

Read what Watchers on the Wall says is the full transcript of the leaked video here.

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