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By Zeke J Miller
June 18, 2015

The Vatican is calling for action to combat global climate chance, but Republican presidential candidates are going their own way. The U.S. will put a woman on the $10 bill—but whom will it be? Jeb Bush’s super PAC looks to “choke ’em all.” Rand Paul releases a tax plan. Scott Walker takes another step toward officially announcing. And social issues are back on the GOP’s agenda in the run-up to a Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

Here are your must-reads:

Must Reads

Pope Francis Urges Climate-Change Action in Encyclical
TIME’s Elizabeth Dias reports on the Vatican’s foray into environmental policy

Jeb Bush Avoids Criticizing Pope While Acknowledging Threat of Global Warming
Doesn’t embrace Francis’ calls for swift action [New York Times]

Obama and Leading Republicans Mount Rescue Effort on Trade
Thursday vote scheduled [Associated Press]

N.H., Iowa Republicans fret about primary power loss
The debates are sapping power from the two early states [Boston Globe]

Republican Candidates Pivot to Social Issues at D.C. Gathering
Looming Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage to take over race

Lindsey Graham Shoots Clay Pigeons, Offers Tax Increases to Democrats
The South Carolina Republican is enjoying life on the trail [TIME]

Sound Off

“I hope that at the end of my two terms as president, I will have overseen an even bigger peacetime expansion of the economy than my husband did.” — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, putting the cart before the horse on re-election

“I keep coming back to this pitch, because, like any ad guy, I believe in repetition: Any extra buck you can give before June 30 is a weapon for us, in that report when we give some heart attacks to people in July. It’ll effect some of their decisions, it’ll bum out their donors, and it’ll hurt their money, which cuts off their oxygen, and frankly we want to choke ‘em all out. So, um, you’re killers — I’m gonna turn you guys loose to that mission.” — Jeb Bush super PAC strategist Mike Murphy on a conference call with donors

Bits and Bites

U.S. to put a woman on the redesigned $10 bill in 2020 [TIME]

Does Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness matter? [TIME]

Florida politicians back Jeb Bush’s super PAC [Center for Public Integrity]

Rand Paul announces his tax plan [Wall Street Journal]

Walker moves closer to official announcement [Associated Press]

Jeb Bush shows humorous, wonkish sides on trail in Iowa [Des Moines Register]

As the pope opines on climate change, O’Malley releases a clean energy agenda [Washington Post]

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