Football players walking on field
Football players walking on field Getty Images

American Medical Association Adopts Concussion Policy for Young Athletes

Jun 09, 2015

The American Medical Association voted Tuesday to adopt new policies aimed at protecting young athletes from concussions, amid nationwide concerns that football head injuries may cause long-term health consequences.

The policy recommends requiring young athletes who are suspected of having a concussion to be quickly removed from a game, the group said in a statement, and allowed to return only with a physician's written consent. Additionally, the policy encourages doctors and athletic groups to adopt evidence-based, age-specific guidelines to evaluate and manage concussions in all athletes.

Several studies have shown high school athletes who suffered head injuries, particularly football players, continued to play despite knowing the the risks of concussions. And according to the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research, there have been at least 47 fatalities directly linked to high school football since 2000.

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