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By Zeke J Miller
June 8, 2015

Republican presidential candidates went whole hog in Iowa at the latest cattle call—Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst’s inaugural “Roast and Ride.” Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush may be the national favorite, but Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has the lead in Iowa, where he and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are facing off to be the alternative to the son and brother of presidents. This week Bush heads overseas to burnish his foreign policy credentials—and address his family’s controversial legacy. The White House has halted work on implementing the president’s executive actions on immigration amid multiple legal challenges. And Obama definitely, absolutely, ordered an alcoholic beer.

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Must Reads

Presidential Hopefuls Seek to Overtake Jeb Bush

Walker and Rubio make a play to be the alternative to the GOP front-runner [TIME]

Obama Administration Stops Work on Immigrant Program
Legal setbacks halt implementation of executive actions [Washington Post]

GOP Candidates Go Whole Hog in Iowa
Scenes from a “Roast and Ride” [TIME]

Jeb Bush Heads to Europe
Confronting his family legacy abroad [Politico]

Sound Off

“If the court decides that, the only next approach is for those who are supporters of marriage being defined as between one man and one woman is ultimately to consider pursuing a constitutional amendment.” —Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Sunday on ABC’s This Week

“As it relates to the President’s beverage of choice today, I can tell you only that I’m not aware of what kind of beer the President was served, but I’m confident that he did not order a non-alcoholic beer… I would be very, very surprised if he ordered a non-alcoholic beer—even after an overnight flight on a Sunday morning. ” — White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Sunday amid reports that Obama ordered a non-alcoholic beer in Germany, where he is for the G-7 Summit

Bits and Bites

Clinton’s 2016 bid brings women into male-dominated fundraising world [Washington Post]

Obama eulogizes Beau Biden as ‘an original’ [TIME]

Obama poised to hike wages for millions [Politico]

Behind Scott Walker, a longstanding conservative alliance against unions [New York Times]

Chief of a craft brewers’ group offers his services as an adviser [New York Times]


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