By Zeke J Miller
June 4, 2015

Jeb Bush will make his presidential campaign official on June 15 in an announcement speech at Miami Dade Community College, he announced in an early morning tweet. Rick Perry is trying to recover from his “oops” moment as he launches his presidential bid, and Scott Walker is on the defensive over a Wisconsin abortion law. Lincoln Chafee wants to take the U.S. onto the metric system. And the White House is being occupied by a hawk.

Here are your must-reads.


Rick Perry’s Lone Star Do-Over
TIME’s Philip Elliott talks to the former Texas governor about recovering from “Oops”

Walker Defends Position on Abortion Bill
Willingness to sign ban without exceptions for rape or incest could return to hurt him [TIME]

Democrats Wage a National Fight Over Voter Rules
Hillary Clinton to hit her Republican rivals in Texas [New York Times]

Payback Is Coming to Rand Paul
He scored a win on NSA, but made many enemies TIME’s Michael Scherer writes

Congress Takes Tiny Step Toward Authorizing Anti-ISIS War
After nearly a year of delays and 10,000 killed, Congress a congressional committee acknowledges it has the duty to vote on the war, TIME’s Mark Thompson reports

With Some Donors Doubting Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio Seizes an Opening
The senator builds some momentum at Bush’s expense [Washington Post]

The Campaign to Put Julian Castro on Hillary Clinton’s VP Shortlist
Putting carts before horses in a bid for Hispanic voters [Politico]

Sound Off:

“Here’s a bold embrace of internationalism: let’s join the rest of the world and go metric.” —Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee Wednesday in his presidential announcement (“Who?…Oh, my gosh,” Paul Trusten, the vice president of the U.S. Metric Association, told the Wall Street Journal in response.)

“People have to choose what they want. If they want robots, who say the same thing over and over again, there are plenty of them. If they want something more genuine, where everything is not always perfect — we’ll see what people want. I am who I am.” — Sen. Rand Paul to Politico on his history of occasionally putting his foot in his mouth

Bits and Bites:

Martin O’Malley calls for more restrictions on NSA surveillance [TIME]

Carly Fiorina and her husband have $59 million net worth [Wall Street Journal]

Latest White House crasher: A hawk. [CNN]

Obama: China could join Asia-Pacific trade deal [TIME]

Clinton campaign opens five more Iowa offices [Des Moines Register]

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