By Tessa Berenson
May 13, 2015

What would happen in a town where no one was older than 22?

That’s the question posed by the new Netflix original series Between. But even though someone in the trailer says “Let’s have some fun,” it looks like there isn’t much fun to be had in the fictional town of Pretty Lake. A mysterious virus wipes out everyone in the area over age 22, and the results look bleak. Instead of teenagers throwing parties and messing around, as one might imagine in a lighter take on this premise, the trailer shows abandoned children, explosions, and tears as the new population tries to figure out what to do.

As Netflix’s YouTube account describes: “Quarantined and afraid those left must survive without help, a cure, or adults.”

Between premieres on Netflix on May 21. In a departure from Netflix’s previous original shows, this one won’t be online all at once; viewers will have to wait for new episodes every Thursday evening, Entertainment Weekly reports.

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