By K.C. Blumm / People
May 6, 2015

Sofia Vergara didn’t exactly look excited to play Catchphrase with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s Tonight Show.

“You always make me do these weird American games that I don’t know how to play,” she complained, adding that she didn’t even have the energy to high-five Fallon.

They were joined by James Marsden and Fallon’s sidekick Steve Higgins.

“Can I say words in Spanish?” the Hot Pursuit star asked. “No,” was the answer.

“It’s an insect. It’s red and has black dots on it,” Fallon said as his clue for Vergara.

“Una mariquita!” the Colombian star guessed, confusing the other contestants, until she added correctly, “A ladybug!”

Soon it was the Modern Family star’s turn to give the clue. “What I sleep in,” she said.

“Flannel pajamas,” Fallon guessed.

“No, no!” she snapped. “Look at me!”

“Lingerie?” Fallon tried again.

“No. Better than that. Less than that,” she replied.

Fallon still couldn’t get it and their time ran out. The answer: Birthday suit.

“I’m not playing with you anymore,” Vergara insisted.

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