By TIME Staff
May 6, 2015

A proclivity for profanity. A Groundhog Day sequel. Pizza delivery with the touch of a few smartphone buttons. These are some of Anna Kendrick’s musings in the shower.

The Pitch Perfect 2 star filmed a video for Glamour in which she simply sits in a chair by the water while viewers are treated to her unfiltered inner monologue. Here are just a few of her choice thoughts, watch them all above.

“They should announce a sequel to Groundhog Day and then just re-release the original.”

“If Nick Offerman’s wife didn’t want to change her name, would they compromise for Nick Offerwoman?”

“Using your laptop to research buying a new one is like asking it to dig its own grave.”

“Will Ferrell and Pharrell Williams have reverse names.”

“When a pregnant woman swims, she’s basically a human submarine.”

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