In Whopper of a Challenge, Watch a Guy Eat Every Burger on the Burger King Menu in 24 Minutes

Mar 26, 2014

The competitive eater and YouTube entertainer L.A. Beast accepted Burger King's Instagram challenge to eat every burger on the menu and did so in 24 minutes. Wearing a shock collar and drinking Gatorade to help wash down the fast food, he consumed 6,370 calories during the challenge, according to the video.

"I did not order the specialty NEW KING BURGER because I did not see it on the menu when I was ordering," L.A. Beast writes in the YouTube description, "but Burger King, unbeknownst to me, gave me a free extra whopper to make up for it."

Earlier this week, L.A. Beast went viral for chugging a bottle of hot sauce. Past viral stunts include eating a cactus and attempting to consume 150 Warheads sour candies, but having to stop at 86 because his entire mouth started bleeding.

Sorry to anyone who was craving burgers for lunch before reading this.

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