By Samantha Grossman
April 17, 2015

When Clint Chadbourne found himself stuck in a snagged seatbelt, he didn’t know the ordeal would end up delighting millions of people. His main focus was really just how to get out of his daughter’s car — or, as he says in his strong Maine accent, her “cah.”

Chadbourne’s daughter, Kelly, filmed his two-minute struggle, the Portland Press Herald reports. His wife, Bonnie, went back and forth between trying to help him and just laughing hysterically. Since Bonnie shared the video on Facebook on April 6, it’s racked up 30.5 million views.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Bonnie said it was never her intention for the clip to go viral — but she’s glad it has spread so much laughter:

The comments are wonderful, when someone writes that they were having a bad day and after seeing the video they have tears running down their face and they mean happy tears it makes us feel very humble. To have touched so many with a smile is a wonderful thing and we are so thankful. So many of us have daily struggles and to get a distraction is a gift we all welcome.


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