PJL: May 2014 (Part 2)

Adam Ferguson—National Geographic

Curated by Mikko Takkunen, a collection of the most interesting photojournalism and documentary photography from across the web.

Features and Essays

Adam Ferguson—National Geographic
Adam Ferguson—National Geographic

Adam Ferguson: The Dogs of War | Basic Training (National Geographic) Out in front of America’s troops, combat canines and their handlers lead the way onto the most dangerous battlefields on Earth | From the National Geographic magazine’s June 2014 issue

Andrew Moore: Hallowed Ground (New York Times) National September 11 Memorial Museum

Vincent Fournier: 9/11 Museum (Wired)

Christopher Griffith: 9/11 Museum (New York Magazine)

Krisanne Johnson
Krisanne Johnson for The New Yorker

Krisanne Johnson: Picture Me Tomorrow (New Yorker) The faces of a Newark School

Ami Vitale: Growing Up in Big Sky Country (PROOF) Growing up in Montana

Matt Eich: A Day at the Derby (The New Yorker’s Photo Booth) Kentucky Derby

Andrew Burton: Aging California Prisoners (Wall Street Journal Photo Journal) The California Department of Corrections is taking steps to alleviate the aches and pains of prison life for the elderly, who make up the fastest-growing segment of the incarcerated population in the United States. Burton documented the daily lives and struggles of aging prisoners at a variety of state prison systems in California

Yvonne Albinowski: Sights from America’s ‘loneliest road’ (CNN Photo blog) Albinowski took an ambitious photographic journey across the Nevada portion of U.S. Route 50 — or as Life magazine once dubbed it, “the loneliest road in America.” She discovered, however, that most of the towns along the road “didn’t really feel all that lonely.”

Todd Heisler: Joined by a Border (New York Times) Laredo, Tex., along the Mexican border, where Interstate 35 begins its path, faces extreme challenges to meld two cultures, an evolution occurring nationwide

Michael Robinson Chavez: Mexico vigilantes register weapons, are to disband (Los Angeles Times)

Meridith Kohut: Mysterious Illness in a Sugar Cane Heartland (New York Times) Deadly illness in Nicaragua baffles experts