PJL: October 2013 (Part 1)

Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

Curated by Mikko Takkunen, a collection of the best photojournalism around the web from the past two weeks.

Features and Essays

Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times
Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

Barbara Davidson: The Security Housing Unit at Corcoran State Prison (LA Times Framework) Inmates in the Security Housing Unit are some of the most dangerous in California’s prison system

David Harriman: Facing Deportation (AudioVision) Portraits of migrants on the US-Mexico border who have been apprehended and deported

Mishka Henner: Feedlots (Wired) Satellite Images of Industrial Farms

Ashley Gilbertson / VII
Ashley Gilbertson / VII

Ashley Gilbertson and Ed Kashi: It’ll Be Better Next Year (New Yorker) Photographers Gilbertson and Kashi profiled a slice of the community of Cimarron County, Oklahoma, and to gain a better understanding of their struggles and resilience during the region’s worst drought in fifty years

Michael Light: Economic Collapse Seen Through Aerial Photos of Abandoned Mansions (Wired Rawfile)

Dana Lixenberg : Homeless in Suburbia (LightBox) Portraits From Jeffersonville, Indiana

Ilana Panich-Linsman: The Tree and The Apple (FotoVisura) A look at the beauty pageant industry through an eleven year-old competitor

Jim Lo Scalzo: Smith Island (Big Picture) The last inhabited island in Maryland

Pouya Dianat: Seeing Baseball in a Different Light (NYT) Baseball in infrared

Charles Ommanney: Bloomberg’s World (LightBox) Ommanney followed New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg as he traveled from Paris to London

Katie Orlinsky / Reportage by Getty Images
Katie Orlinsky / Reportage by Getty Images

Katie Orlinsky: Mexico’s All-Female Vigilante Squad (The Daily Beast)

Paolo Woods: (Re)Building The State of Haiti (Lens Culture) Also on Huffington Post here

Juan Arredondo: Barrio Triste (Foto8) Life in Barrio Triste, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Colombia’s second largest city Medellín

Tomas Munita: Near Fukushima, a Human Crisis Quietly Unfolds (NYT) Japan’s nuclear refugees, still stuck in limbo

Damir Sagolj: Fukushima’s Fallout: The Half-Lives of Nuclear Refugees (TIME) To this day, the plant still leaks toxic, radioactive water and tens of thousands of “nuclear refugees” from nearby towns are still outcasts in their own land

Sim Chi Yin: Instabeijing (Photo Booth) Instagram photos from Beijing. The photo-centric app is one of the few Western social-media platforms that is not blocked in China, allowing us this glimpse of Sim’s experience of the megalopolis.

Sean Gallagher: Meltdown (WSJ) China’s Environment in Crisis

Jan Grarup: Combat soldiers reveal tattoo traditions (CNN Photo Blog) The tattoo imagery of Denmark’s Royal Life Guards infantry

Jamey Stillings: The Ivanpah Solar Project (LightBox) A solar field of mirrors generating energy in the Mojave Desert

Christian Als: Postcard from Helmand (Panos Pictures) Afghanistan

Andrea Bruce: Afghan Americans (Photo Booth) A study in duality

Simone Cerio: Afghanistan – When the others go away (Parallelo Zero) Italian trainee surgeon in Afghanistan | Multimedia here

Adam Ferguson / VII for TIME
Adam Ferguson / VII for TIME

Adam Ferguson: Pakistan’s Struggle for Power (TIME) In Karachi, Pakistan’s coastal metropolis, countless residents deal with power cuts – and find creative ways to steal from and work around the country’s deeply flawed electricity grid

Sami Siva: Kukis of Northeast India fight for identity (CNN Photo Blog)

Stephanie Sinclair: Too Young To Wed (NBC Photo Blog) India

Munef Wasif: Chaos and Harmony in Old Dhaka (NYT Lens) Bangladesh


AP: An Ancient Refuge for Those Fleeing Syria’s War (TIME) Many refugees from Aleppo and neighboring Idlib province have fled to the countryside. Some have taken shelter in an ancient Roman ruins near Kafer Rouma.

AP: The Lone Family: Life in a Syrian Ghost Town (TIME) The only family remaining in the desolate village of Kfar Lata

Lynsey Addario: For Syrian Refugees in Jordan, a New Sense of Home (NYT)

Andrea Bruce: In Damascus, Tension but Also Hope (NYT)

Cédric Gerbehaye: Broken Hopes in the West Bank (LightBox)

Matic Zorman: Faces of War (Reportage by Getty Images Emerging Talent) Gaza

Jason Larkin / Panos
Jason Larkin / Panos

Jason Larkin: After Johannesburg’s Gold Rush: Mine Dumps (Businessweek)

Francesca Tosarelli: Women in Africa’s Militias: Kalashnikov and Nail Polish (Spiegel) Congo

Bieke Depoorter: Smiles of African Mothers (Magnum Photos) Ethiopia

Michael Zumstein: Chaos in the Central African Republic (Agence Vu)

Ferhat Bouda
Ferhat Bouda

Ferhat Bouda: North Mali with the “NMLA” fighters (Agence Vu)

Katie Orlinsky: Timbuktu’s Hopeful, Troubled Peace (New Yorker) Mali

Edward Burtynsky: Liquid of Life (FT Magazine) Burtynsky’s latest photographic project explores the ways we use, abuse and strive to control our planet’s most precious resource

Tamas Dezso: Untouched – A Portrait of Romania (LightBox) In Romania, Tamas Dezso was quickly captivated by the country’s untouched land, the sincerity of its people and the natural relationship between the two


Bill Eppridge / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images
Bill Eppridge / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

In Memoriam: Iconic LIFE Photographer Bill Eppridge (1938-2013) (LightBox) After more than five decades as a professional photographer, LIFE photojournalist Bill Eppridge passed away on October 2, 2013, at the age of 75

The Moment a Photographer Became a Historian (NYT Lens) Bill Eppridge

Goran Tomasevic : Witnessing the Nairobi mall massacre (Reuters photo blog)

Tyler Hicks : Witness to a Massacre in a Nairobi Mall (NYT Lens)

Tyler Hicks : Inside the Kenya mall terror attacks (CNN)

Fabio Bucciarelli / AFP
Fabio Bucciarelli / AFP

AFP’s freelancers Fabio Bucciarelli and Javier Manzano win Bayeux Calvados Awards (BJP)

Battle to death in Aleppo (AFP Correspondent) Behind Fabio Bucciarelli’s award winning photograph

Patrick Baz: Death of the ‘Brave One’ (AFP Correspondent) Murhaf al-Modahi, who worked under the alias Abu Shuja, was killed in a rocket attack on September 28 in his hometown of Deir Ezzor, Syria

French government confirms abducted journalists are still alive (BJP) Photographer Edouard Elias and journalist Didier François, who were abducted in Syria in June, are still alive, the French government has confirmed

Andrea Bruce and the Paradox That’s Damascus (BagNewsNotes)

Sweet Damascus (BagNewsNotes) On Sergey Ponomarev’s recent photos from Syria’s capital


Meeting Marie: Paul Conroy’s Memoir ‘Under the Wire’ Remembers Marie Colvin’s Final Days (The Daily Beast) Extract from Conroy’s book, just published in the US.

Black out! Russian media remove photos to protest imprisonment of photographer (Editorial Photographers UK)

Two months detention for Russian photographer on Greenpeace vessel (Reporters Without Borders)

Photography as Advocacy: Origins of a Journey (PROOF) National Geographic photo editor Pamela Chen on Marcus Bleasdale’s photography for change

The Real Vietnam (Daily Mail) Spectacular images taken by courageous AP war photographers released to remember 50 years since conflict began


Focus: North Korea (AP Interactive) As part of their coverage of North Korea, AP journalists in Pyongyang are using Instagram to highlight rarely seen views of the reclusive country.

Women on the Front Lines and Behind the Lens (NYT Lens) On National Geographic’s exhibition ‘Women of Vision’, celebrating female photographers

Melissa Cacciola’s Tintypes (NYT Lens) Cacciola makes modern-day tintypes that marry attention to detail with a nod to history

Peter Turnley’s Paris (NYT Lens) Like the great French photographers he idolized, Peter Turnley remains enchanted by Paris, a city where he finds timeless moments of romance and delight

Enrique Meneses: On the Frontier of History (LightBox) Spanish photographer who had a knack for being in the right place at the right time

Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr: Photographing the English (Telegraph) The photographers were united by their gently satirical documentation of our national characteristics | Related photos here

Jacques Lowe: the JFK photographer who lost his life’s work on 9/11 (Guardian) The man who got unprecedented access to JFK’s life stored his whole archive in a safe in the twin towers. A new exhibition shows the painstakingly restored fragments that survived

Revisiting Minamata, and a Storied Mentor (NYT Lens) Decades after W. Eugene Smith’s seminal documentation of the effects of industrial pollution on the town of Minamata, Japan, his assistant revisited some of his subjects

Pavel Maria Smejkal
Pavel Maria Smejkal

Playing with Icons (No Caption Needed) One of the characteristics of iconic images is that people play with them: artists, advocates, advertisers, comics, you name it, there always is somebody willing to drag and drop, cut, color

National Geographic Celebrates 125 Years Of Photography (Picture Show)

National Geographic magazine turns 125 (LA Times Framework)

Photographer Identifies People in Iconic 9/11 Image Using Social Media (Mashable)

Seven of the most captivating photojournalists on Instagram capturing conflict zone (Digital Trends)

If We Spend $25K On A Photo Essay, Readers Should Pay to See It, Says Harper’s Publisher (PDN)

Wire Photographer Spotlight: Political Perspective with Brendan Smialowski (LightBox)


A photographer’s guide to being a photographer (CNN) Vanden Driessche’s satirical book, “How to be a Photographer in Four Lessons,” is a field guide to spotting photographers in their natural habitats that picks apart the stereotypes of just about every type of photographer

World Press Photo to change contest rules following post-processing controversy (BJP) World Press Photo, who has selected VII Photo co-founder Gary Knight as chair of its 2014 contest, has announced a change of rules regarding “the permissible levels in post-processing of image files” submitted following this year’s intense debate about manipulation in photojournalism

Magnum Photos readies paid-for online membership platform (BJP)

Kazi Riasat Alve
Kazi Riasat Alve

Emerging photographer: Kazi Riasat Alve (Photo Booth) The photographer was recently commended in The Ian Parry Scholarship

Munem Wasif’s best photograph: the journey for fresh water in Bangladesh (Guardian)

Featured photographer: David Maurice Smith (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Uliana Bazar (Verve Photo)

Interviews and Talks


Per-Anders Pettersson (Vogue Italy) An interview with Pettersson, who documented South Africa’s transformation ranging from reportage to fashion

Lynsey Addario (MSNBC) Addario interviewed about National Geographic Museum’s Women in Vision exhibition

Jacob Aue Sobol (FK Magazine)

Stephanie Sinclair (Vogue Italy)

JR (burn magazine)

James Nachtwey (Paris Match L’instant) NB English translation underneath the French text

Marcus Bleasdale (PROOF) On shock and change

Sebastian Junger (Guardian) ‘I got out of war when Tim Hetherington died’

Eugene Richards
Eugene Richards

Eugene Richards (LightBox) Richards on his latest book, Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down | Related on NYT Lens here

Elliott Erwitt (NYT Lens) Coloring outside the lines

Edward Burtynsky (American Photo)

Edward Burtynsky (Monocle radio) Burtunsky on his latest project | starts at 5:45 in

Angelos Tzortzinis (Leica Camera blog) Prostitution and drug crisis in Athens

Munef Wasif (Emaho Magazine) ‘The notion of educating others is quite boring’

Paolo Woods (Aperture blog) Woods on his experience living and working in Haiti

Jane Hilton (Telegraph) Hilton has recently been awarded an Honorary Fellowship by The Royal Photographic Society

Carrie Mae Weems (NYT Lens)

Elinor Carucci (Telegraph) Aiming to portray the motherhood as it really is, Elinor Carucci has turned her camera on herself and her twins

Laura Pannack (IdeasTap) Pannack on the story behind one of her best-known images

Karen Kasmauski (BBC) Photographing death and disease

Brian Skerry (True To Me Too)

Mikko Takkunen is an associate photo editor at TIME.com. Follow him on Twitter @photojournalism.

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