PJL: August 2013 (Part 2)

Moises Saman / Magnum Photos for The New Yorker

Curated by Mikko Takkunen, a collection of the best photojournalism around the web from the past two weeks.

Features and Essays

Moises Saman / Magnum Photos
Moises Saman / Magnum Photos for The New Yorker

Moises Saman: Cairo (New Yorker) Aftermath of August 14, when Egyptian security forces expelled supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, resulting in a civilian massacre

Bryan Denton: Blood and Chaos Prevail in Egypt (NYT)

Laura El Tantawy: Cairo (Le Monde)

Stuart Freedman: Cairo’s Ahwas (Panos Pictures) Coffee houses in Egypt’s capital

Pascal Maitre: Urban Pulse of the Congo (National Geographic) The miracle of Kinshasa is that amid the chaos of this capital city, artists survive and thrive

Guillaume Bonn: Masai Mara (Guardian) The impact of tourism on the Kenyan national reserve

Phil Moore: Eastern DRC: An air of change? (Al Jazeera) The Kivu regions are traditionally viewed as conflict-ridden, but the area is transforming

Ashley Gilbertson / VII
Ashley Gilbertson / VII

Ashley Gilbertson: Concrete Beach (NYT Magazine) Sunbathing in New York

Greg Miller: Human Dramas at County Fairs (Slate Behold)

Kendrick Brinson: Sun City (Slate Behold) Senior citizens having the time of their lives in Arizona

Katie Orlinsky: Meet the Aqualillies! (The Daily Beast) The synchronized-swimming sensations

Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times
Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

Barbara Davidson: Saving a life in L.A.’s shooting season (LA Times)

Christopher Capozziello: The Distance Between Us (NYT Lens) Why one person suffers and another doesn’t is the type of question that beleaguers Christopher Capozziello, whose twin brother, Nick, has cerebral palsy.

Rod Lamkey Jr: Free Healthcare (zReportage) Uninsured and under insured patients receiving free medical care at an annual Remote Area Medical clinic in Wise County in Southwest Virginia.

Anthony S. Karen: A Day in the Life of the Ku Klux Klan, Uncensored (Slate)

Pavel Prokopchik: Altering the American dream in Detroit (CNN Photo blog)

Magnus Holm: Detroit (Politiken)

Erin Brethauer
Erin Brethauer

Erin Brethauer: Camp Lakey Gap (Photo Booth) A summer camp in Black Mountain, North Carolina, for children and adults with autism.

Eva O’Leary and Harry Griffin: Devil’s Den (Wired Rawfile) Time-jumping Civil War buffs carry iPhones and muskets at live reenactments

Yeong-Ung Yang: The Casino as Lifeline (NYT Lens) For dozens of Asian immigrants in Flushing, Queens, the back-and-forth bus trips they take to a casino in Pennsylvania aren’t limbo — they’re how they get by

John Moore / Getty Images
John Moore / Getty Images

John Moore: An Immigrant’s Journey (The Atlantic) Moore continues to document immigration issues. Earlier this year, he traveled south to the Mexico-Guatemala border, where Central American immigrants cross the Suchiate River, beginning their long and perilous journey north through Mexico.

Lara Shipley: Coming, Going and Staying (Slate Behold) An up-close look at the U.S.–Mexico border

Sam Comen: Undocumented youth: A dream deferred (CNN Photo blog) Immigrant youth in California’s Central Valley eligible for the DREAM Act

Brett Gundlock: El Pueblo (Vice) Mexican Michoacán community watch groups carry assault rifles

Tomas Munita for The New York Times
Tomas Munita for The New York Times

Tomas Munita: Dual Forces in an Andean Rite (NYT) The Yawar Fiesta, a uniquely Andean celebration in Peru, brings together a condor and a bull in the bullring, with a condor as the guest of honor

Karla Gachet & Ivan Kashinsky: el Tinku (Panos Pictures) High up in the Bolivian Andes, indigenous communities meet in the plaza of Macha and take part in a ritual known as Tinku, an ancestral ritual in which thousands come together to fist fight

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto: Shamanic Journey in Peru (Agence Vu)

Jim Goldberg: Acqua for Life (Magnum Photos) The continuing challenge of providing access to clean drinking water in Haiti

Andrea Bruce: Jamaica Sees Drops in Crime, Corruption and Violence (NYT)

Andrea Bruce: Encouraging local production: food security in Jamaica (NOOR)

Naomi Harris: Oh, Canada (Slate Behold) Capturing Canada like you’ve never seen it before

Anastasia Taylor-Lind: Return to River Town (VII Photo) Fuling: crucible of a changing China

Jonathan Browning: Creature Comforts (Nowness) Step inside Shanghai’s luxury animal emporium

Brent Stirton: The Hard Life of Celebrity Elephants (NYT Magazine) India

Reed Young: Portraits of Moneyed Classes Put a Face on India’s Economic Growth (Wired Rawfile)

Supranav Dash: Disappearing Trades: Portraits of India’s Obsolete Professions (LightBox)

Andrew Biraj: Industry’s Victims in Bangladesh (Boston Globe Big Picture)

Michael Christopher Brown: Koh Phangan Full Moon Party (Magnum Photos) Thailand

Che’ Ahmad Azhar: A Street-Level View of Kuala Lumpur (NYT Lens) Malaysia

Benjamin Rasmussen
Benjamin Rasmussen

Benjamin Rasmussen and Michael Friberg: Desert Surreality: Plight of Syrian Refugees Magnified Outside Zaatari (LightBox) Photographers Michael Friberg and Benjamin Rasmussen teamed up to document the plight of refugees fleeing Syria to escape the ongoing bloodshed

Lynsey Addario: Syrian Kurds Flee to Northern Iraq (NYT)

Mads Nissen: Homophobia in Russia (Berlingske)

Sergey Ponomarev: Migrant Workers Detained in Russia (NYT)

Asbjørn Sand: Skating Through Life (NYT Lens) Denmark | Sand was 11 when he fell in love with the world of skateboarding — a world into which his photographs offer an intimate, affectionate window

Gareth Phillips: Revisiting the Past (Photo Booth) In his early twenties, Phillips spent summers in the Aquitaine region of France with his friends. Fifteen years later, Phillips and his crew returned.

Maja Daniels: The Malroux Twins (New York Magazine: The Cut) Meet Monette and Mady Malroux, identical twins with identical lifestyles

Gabriele Galimberti: Delicatessen with Love (Audiovision) Grandmas’ home cooking from around the world

Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni: Riding the ‘white train’ in search of a miracle (CNN Photo blog) In the small French town of Lourdes, disabled pilgrims arrive once a year, some every year, hoping for a miracle

Greg Miller: Primo Amore (Trunk magazine) Portrait series about summer love, shot over the course of years along Italy’s Mediterranean coast

Stuart Franklin: Fracking in the UK (Magnum Photos) Protesters as well as local residents in Balcombe, Sussex, a usually quiet part of the country that has found itself at the center of a global environmental story

Phil Wills: Britain’s Food Vans (Independent) Wills catalogues Britain’s food vans


Mohammed Abdel Moneim / AFP / Getty Images
Mohammed Abdel Moneim / AFP / Getty Images

Echoes of Tiananmen in Egypt protest camp (AFP Correspondent blog) Images of a woman standing between a bulldozer and an injured protester in Egypt quickly spread across social networks on August 14, with many viewers reminded of the celebrated

Journalists killed, attacked as clashes erupt in Egypt (Committee to Protect Journalists)

Egypt Lashes Out at Foreign News Media’s Coverage (NYT)

From Twitter to TIME: An Egyptian Photojournalist Finds His Voice Amid Violence (PDN)

Photo Editors Who Made a Difference Part 1 / Part 2 (NYT Lens) Photographers recall photo editors’ influence on their careers in a two-part series on that symbiotic relationship

Why Gerhard Steidl Is a Book Publishing Master (PDN)

Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP / Getty Images
Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP / Getty Images

War’s Assault on Civic Rituals (No Caption Needed)

If it Bleeds it Leads … Sometimes (No Caption Needed) Photographs of violent death show up in the mainstream media regularly, but only if they are taken outside of the United States. Why?

American Photographer Tells of Odyssey as Prisoner of Syrian Rebels (NYT)

Freelancers and Syria: Do You Really Have to Go? (Rory Peck Trust)

Photography Is the New Universal Language, and It’s Changing Everything (Wired Rawfile)

The art of peeping: photography at the limits of privacy (Guardian) New York photographer Arne Svenson snapped his neighbours in their homes without permission – and has just won a court case under his First Amendment rights. Should snooping be allowed in the name of art?

New Eyes on Familiar Streets: Todd Gross in New York City (LightBox)

An Instagram Shootout (NYT Lens) Photojournalists Joshua Lott and Eric Thayer battle each other in an Instagram shootout


Leica ad recreates scenes from Robert Capa’s life (and death) (Dva Foto)

Magnificent Obsession: Robert De Niro on the Set of Raging Bull (LightBox) Photos by Brian Hamill

Kodakchrome’s Last Color and Memory (NYT Lens) As production of Kodachrome film ended, Nathan Benn, a former National Geographic photographer, revisited packed-up images whose vibrant colors had endured the ravages of time

Ideas Tap Meets Magnum Photos (Issuu)

This Week In Photography Books – Aaron Huey (A Photo Editor)

Burned to Nothing: When Photographers Destroy Their Own Negatives (LightBox)


Martin Luther King: Murals spread his dream (BBC) Since 1977, photographer Camilo José Vergara has documented murals of Martin Luther King in communities across the US

A Momentous Day Driven by Ordinary (NYT Lens) The photography of Leonard Freed, whose images explored the March on Washington at ground level, still resonates 50 years after that historic day

Lightning, Bolt strike in Moscow (AFP Correspondent blog)

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert’s best photograph – Scottish standard-bearers (Guardian)

Jade Beall’s best photograph – a dancer after childbirth (Guardian)

Emerging Photographer: Ryan Page (Photo Booth)

Featured photographers: Tommaso Protti (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Farzana Wahidy (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Sébastien Van Malleghem (Verve Photo)

The readers’ editor on… using generic photographs to illustrate news stories (Guardian) ‘Is it reasonable to drag an old picture out and attach a new caption to give it a new meaning?’

Photography Phone Call: Are Snapshots Dead? (The Picture Show) With photo collector Robert E. Jackson

Photographer Cabbie Captures the Magic of New York City from His Taxi (PetaPixel)

The art of Instagram: Why this app is breaking the boundaries of photography (The Independent)

The Tragedy of the Sunset Photo (Slate) Why they’re all over your Instagram feed—and why they’re so hard to get right

Interviews and Talks


James Wellford (Emaho magazine) Newsweek’s former Senior Photo Editor on the death of the magazine

Michael Kamber (NYT Lens) An exhibition of Michael Kamber’s photographs ponders the relationship between his portraits from the Bronx and from troubled places abroad

Pascal Maitre (National Geographic)

JR (National Geographic)

Bieke Depoorter (Dazed Digital)

Mosa’ab Elshamy / AFP / Getty Images
Mosa’ab Elshamy / AFP / Getty Images

Mosa’ab Elshamy (NBC News Photo blog) Up close and personal: Egyptian photographer captures country’s lost ‘humanity’

Mosa’ab Elshamy (Washington Post) ‘You are almost invisible’

Jack Picone (Vice) 20 years in war zones

Jason P. Howe (PhotoShelter blog) Survival Tips for The Aspiring Conflict Photographer

Richard Renaldi (Aperture blog) Renaldi spoke with Chris Boot on the recent progress that has been made on the Touching Strangers project

Erin Brethauer (American Photo)

Richard Koci Hernandez—@koci_glass
Richard Koci Hernandez—@koci_glass

Richard Koci Hernandez (LightBox) Theater of the Streets, Shot On Google Glass

Amanda Renshaw (Phaidon) Publisher and editorial director, Amanda Renshaw introduceds you to Steve McCurry Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs

David Chancellor (LA Times Framed photo blog)

David Hobby (burn magazine)

Peter Dench (Evening Standard) Photojournalist Peter Dench is documenting modern Britain and he wants Londoners to help to him capture the city and its inhabitants

Andrew Nelles (PetaPixel) Former Chicago Sun-Times Photographer

Mikko Takkunen is an associate photo editor at TIME.com. Follow him on Twitter @photojournalism.

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