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PJL: July 2013 (Part 1)

Jul 08, 2013

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Per-Anders PetterssonPer-Anders Pettersson 

Per-Anders Pettersson: Soweto, the story of South Africa’s transformation (NBC News)

Jehad Nga: Mali (Photo Booth)

Andrew Esiobo: West Africa, as Seen From Its Barbershops (NYT Lens)

Dieter Telemans: Let There Be Light (Panos Pictures) In the centre of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a Hungarian Friar runs an opthalmic clinic and performs hundreds of simple operations on people living in remote communities who have no access to health care or transport to get them to their nearest hospital

Jimmy Nelson: Before They Pass Away (Foreign Policy) For two years, British photographer Jimmy Nelson lugged his 4x5 plate field camera to 44 countries around the globe -- from the canopied rain forests of Papua New Guinea to the snowdrifts of northern Mongolia to the searing Namibian desert -- documenting a world fast disappearing.

Adam Dean for TIME MagazineAdam Dean for TIME Magazine 

Adam Dean: When Buddhists Go Bad (LightBox) Buddhism is known for its pacifism and tolerance. But in several Asian nations, monks are inciting bigotry and violence—mostly against Muslims. Photographer Adam Dean traveled to document the growing friction in Thailand and Burma.

Adam Dean: Radical Buddhism Ascendant in Myanmar (NYT)

Bruno Barbey: Burma (Magnum Photos)

Kevin Frayer: Bangladesh collapse left many amputees (NBC News photoblog)

Alessandro Grassani /  LUZ PhotoAlessandro Grassani / LUZ Photo 

Alessandro Grassani: From nomad to climate refugee (CNN Photoblog) Mongolian climate refugees

Zhang Kechun: Yellow River (BBC) Chengdu-based artist Zhang Kechun has spent two years photographing from the banks of the Yellow River, creating a set of subtly toned large format images. Here swimmers hold a portrait of Chairman Mao as they swim across the river in Henan province.

FT Magazine, 29-30 June 2013FT Magazine, 29-30 June 2013 

Simon Norfolk: Afghanistan (FT magazine) After winning the Prix Pictet Commission, photographer Simon Norfolk follows the cycle of the seasons in Bamyan province in the country’s Central Highlands

Joel van Houdt : Afghanistan's New Rich (Guardian) A tiny elite in Afghanistan enjoys a lavish lifestyle, including glittering new apartments, shopping malls and celebrations at luxury wedding halls

Jacob Aue Sobol: Arrivals and Departures: A Trans-Siberian Journey (Photo Booth)

Yuri Kozyrev: Far East Russia (NOOR)

Oksana Yushko: Balaklava, The Lost History (burn magazine) An exploration of the minds of people who were born in the USSR

Claudine Doury: Pagan rituals celebrate Russian summer (CNN Photoblog)

Rena Effendi: A Fairy Tale in Transylvania (NYT Lens)

José Antonio de Lamadrid: Living Life as Brothers: Photographing Triplets with Autism (LightBox)

Moises Saman / Magnum PhotosMoises Saman / Magnum Photos 

Moises Saman: Syrian Refugee Children (Daily Mail) Also on BBC website here and a wider selection of Saman's Syrwork on his agency's website here

Newsha Tavakolian: Iran: A Nation Eager to Be Heard (LightBox) Based in Tehran, photographer Newsha Tavakolian spent a week on assignment for TIME documenting the run-up to Iran's elections.

Mohammed Salem: Gaza’s summer camps (Reuters Full Focus) Related on Reuters photoblog here

Lynsey Addario: A Milestone for Israel’s President Shimon Peres (NYT)

Maciek Nabrdalik: The Last Holocaust Survivors (Slate Behold)

Mads NissenMads Nissen 

Mads Nissen: Amazonas (Berlingske)

Joakim Eskildsen: Cuban Evolution (LightBox) Traveling to Cuba on assignment for TIME, Danish photographer Joakim Eskildsen spent 10 days in the Caribbean nation documenting the twilight of the Castro era.

João Pina: Brazil's Protests (Photo Booth)

Jorge Santiago: Hoop Dreams in Oaxaca’s Hills (NYT Lens)

Larry Towell: Idle No More (Magnum Photos) Native American community in Ontario, Canada

Jon Lowenstein: Getting back to nature in Gary, Indiana (NBC News) Battered city of Gary, Ind., considers shrinking 40 percent to save itself

Jan Banning: The Faces of Homelessness (Slate Behold) Beyond Stereotypes

John Pendygraft: Savannah's Journey (zReportage)

David Walter Banks: The Myth and Mystery of the Sunshine State (LightBox) Florida

Eirik Johnson: Barrow Cabins (Feature Shoot) Alaskan Structures in Summer and Winter

Jane Hilton: The Precious Women of Nevada’s Brothels (Slate Behold)

Margaret LeJeune: At Home With the Huntress (Slate Behold) Photographs of female hunters

Katie Orlinsky: The Aqualillies (Reportage by Getty Images) The Aqualillies are an underwater dance troupe that has merged the art of ballet with the athleticism of synchronised swimming.

Brian Powers: Portraits of the Chicago Sun-Times photography department (CNN Photoblog)

Camille Seaman: The Big Cloud (TED blog) collection of storm photos


 Stud 7 and Sima FilmStud 7 and Sima Film 

The Making of Boogie’s Demons Project (Dva Foto) Serbian photographer Boogie, known for his street photography from all over the world, has been working on a series of wet-plate collodion portraits in his hometown of Belgrade over the last few years, a project that he calls “Demons”.

Photography Legend Robert E. Gilka, 96 (NPPA) Gilka, a newspaper photographer and editor who was a mentor to legions of photographers and who was the director of photography for National Geographic Magazine for more than 27 years passed away

Bert Stern, Elite Photographer Known for Images of Marilyn Monroe, Dies at 83 (NYT) Also, on LightBox here

Greg Marinovich : Documenting apartheid, ‘one long nightmare’ (CNN Photoblog) South African photographer Greg Marinovich spent years covering the rise of violence in his home country before the eventual death of the systemic racial discrimination policy of apartheid. During the transition to democracy, he found himself on the front lines of history.

A Monday in Kabul (Philip&Hugo Vimeo) video 7 mins | In March 2013 photographer Marieke van der Velden went to Afghanistan to make a photo documentary. She had a simple question: what is your favorite place of your city?

The month in photography – audio slideshow (Guardian) See the best of Arles Photography Festival in July's guide to the top photography around the world, with Guy Bourdin, John Stezaker and more. Elsewhere, there's work by Erwin Blumenfeld and Vanessa Winship.

Kathy Ryan: Three Venerable Names From the Art World: Chuck Close, James Turrell and Polaroid Film (NYT magazine 6th Floor blog)

The Story Behind the Shocking Pepper-Spray Photo (New York Magazine: Daily Intelligencer)

Robert Hariman On Daniel Etter’s Viral Taksim Square Protest Photo (BagNewsNotes)

A photographer's view of the Turkish protests (BBC)

Abo al-Nur Sadk: Another Day in Aleppo (AFP Correspondent blog)

Myanmar bans Time magazine for story about monk (AP)

A Pulitzer Prizewinner Lucian Perkins's Photos of the Early DC Punk Scene (Mother Jones)

Life on the Streets: Sergio Larrain at Rencontres (LightBox)

Top of the blocks: the world's strangest war memorials - in pictures (Guardian) Dotted around the former Yugoslavia are some of the world's most remote second world war memorials, placed there by Tito to commemorate battle sites. From 2006 to 2009, photographer Jan Kempenaers scoured the countryside to find them all – on show now at London's Breese Little gallery | more on Guardian's photoblog here

Radcliffe Roye : Bringing Invisible Stories to Instagram (NYT Lens)

Elaine Mayes's Autolandscapes of the American Road (LightBox)

In Flight, John White Shares His Light (NYT Lens)

Announcing the 2013 Aaron Siskind Foundation Grant Winners (LightBox)

John Perkins' best photograph – an Egyptian lion-tamer (Guardian)

In Flight, John White Shares His Light (NYT Lens)

Kieran Dodds / PanosKieran Dodds / Panos 

Featured photographer: Kieran Dodds (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Anthony Delgado (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Adrian Fussell (Verve Photo)

Kathy Ryan: Office Romance: A Post-It Note Is a Post-It Note Is a Post-It Note (NYT magazine 6th Floor blog)

Destination Cuba: Alongside empty seat 17A (Reuters photoblog) Reuters photographer Maxim Shemetov on the fruitless flight to Cuba

Pakistani Photographers Take A Personal Picture Of Home (NPR Picture Show)

Group mentality: How photographers can join forces to tackle the market (BJP)

Pop-up Shop Brings Indie Photo Books to Brooklyn Subway Travelers (PDN Pulse)

From hard copy to e-book (BBC) For the publishers of photographic books, the rise of digital publishing presents its own unique challenges

Interviews and Essays 

Six Photographs: René Burri (Port-magazine) Matt Willey talks to the legendary Magnum photographer about six of his most iconic and interesting photographs, from Picasso to the reopening of the Suez Canal…

Susan Meiselas (Look3) Meiselas in conversation with David Levi Strauss

Michael Nichols (Look3) Nichols in Conversation with David Quammen

Josef Koudelka (PDN) Koudelka on the Measure of a Photographer, Courage, and Controlling Your Own Destiny

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Part 1: Living and Looking Part 2: ‘There Are No Maybes’ (NYT Lens)

Chris Steele-Perkins Can't Let Go of England (Vice)

Paul Conroy (Monocle 24) audio | starts at 10 minutes in

Grazia Neri : The Lady of Photography (Le Journal de la Photographie)

Platon (New Republic) About that Rand Paul Cover Photo... A Conversation with Platon

Annie Leibovitz (Guardian) Leibovitz on the future of photography

Diana Markosian (Le Journal de la Photographie) My father, the stranger

The Photographers' GalleryThe Photographers' Gallery 

Chris Killip (The Photographers' Gallery Vimeo)

Bill Eppridge (Vimeo) The Importance of the Still Image

Kai Wiedenhöfer (Vice) Wiedenhöfer Hates Walls, but He Photographs Them Anyway

Aristide Economopoulos (PDN) Economopoulos on his award winning Sandy coverage

Per-Anders Pettersson (NBC News) Chronicling post-apartheid South Africa through one township's story

Richard Misrach (Look3) Misrach in conversation with Alex Chadwick

Gregory Crewdson (Look3) Crewdson in conversation with Alex Chadwick

10 questions with photographer Pablo López Luz (Ventana Latina)

In the Photographer's Studio: Andrea Gjestvang (WPO YouTube)

Antonio Olmos (Vignette magazine) Olmos on his The Landscape of Murder project

Maciej Dakowicz (Japan Camera Hunter)

David Stewart (Feature Shoot) Steward Discusses Film, Teens, and the Current Climate in Ad Photography

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