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Watch Zachary Quinto Celebrate Leonard Nimoy's 'Beautiful and Full Life'

Mar 18, 2015

Zachary Quinto stopped by Conan Tuesday night, where the conversation quickly turned to the recent death of Leonard Nimoy. Quinto is known for playing Spock in the modern Star Trek franchise, a role he inherited from Nimoy.

The two Spocks became very close, Quinto explained, so losing him was obviously difficult. "But I feel so grateful that I knew him and he was such an instrumental figure in my life," Quinto said. "He lived a beautiful life and a full life."

Conan then shared a memory from back when he worked as a writer on The Simpsons and Nimoy agreed to do an episode. "I freaked out," Conan said, "because he was such an indelible part of my childhood."

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See Leonard Nimoy's Long and Prosperous Life in Photos

Leonard Nimoy in The Outer Limits in 1964.ABC/Getty Images
Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy
Star Trek
Mission: Impossible
THE ALPHA CAPER, (from left): Henry Fonda, Leonard Nimoy, 1973.
THE UNEXPLAINED, (from left): host Leonard Nimoy, Travis Walter (who claims to have spent 5 days abo
STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, Leonard Nimoy, 1984, (c)Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection
The Big Bang Theory
5th Annual TV Land Awards - Show
Leonard Nimoy in The Outer Limits in 1964.
ABC/Getty Images
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