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Watching These Kids Read Mean Tweets About Themselves Is Heartbreaking

Mar 16, 2015

Watching celebrities and politicians recite mean tweets about themselves is highly entertaining — especially because they tend to read them with a smirk before laughing off the insults. But watching kids read mean tweets is a totally different story.

The Canadian Safe School Network, a non-profit that aims to reduce youth violence and make schools safer, created the above video to shed light on the effects of cyberbullying. It's directly inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's popular "celebrities read mean tweets" segment and shows students reading messages that target them for their weight, general appearance, race and more.

The teens begin by laughing off the insults, but as the tweets get meaner and meaner, the video takes on a much more somber tone. The last girl to appear is told to go kill herself and then walks off screen.

You can read more about the Canadian Safe School Network or donate money to the cause here.

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