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You Can Now Play Google Autocomplete Like a Game of Family Feud

Mar 16, 2015

Google Feud is the online game we didn't know we were waiting for.

Knowing the people of the Internet's collective love of bizarre Google Autocomplete search suggestions and funny Family Feud clips, some evil genius who aims to suck up the next hour of your life created a game that fuses the two.

Here's how it works: Google Feud asks you to select one of four categories including culture, people, names and questions.

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Then you have to complete the Google search. Like, "Can you smoke..."

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Spoiler alert: the second most searched for option is "catnip."

Created by writer and Internet enthusiast Justin Hook, the game uses Google API and pulls real questions and results directly from Google's autocomplete.

The answers are illuminating and sometimes depressing. For example, here's what comes up for: "Obama is from..."

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Obama is, of course, form the United States.

"Beware," the game warns, "certain results may be offensive and/or incomprehensible."

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