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Use This Ingenious Trick to Choose the Right Apple Watch Size

Mar 09, 2015
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Apple's "Spring Forward" event on Monday answered a lot of questions about the company's upcoming smartwatch. CEO Tim Cook revealed how much the various models will cost, ranging from $349 to $17,000, what the device's various apps can do, and when it will be available for purchase (April 24).

One of several surprises was a slight price difference in the two planned body sizes of the Watch, which will come in 38-millimeter and 42-millimeter variants. After last year's unveiling, many onlookers assumed the two versions were more or less women's and men's editions and would likely be priced according the material they're made of and the accessories they come with. Instead, an entry-level 38-millimeter Apple Watch Sport costs $349 compared to $399 for the 42-millimeter version, for example.

The difference is negligible, but might become a deciding factor for some consumers. Apple will accept pre-orders for the device starting April 10 and said it would schedule in-store fittings to help customers decide which watch suits them best. This is going to be the best way to find the right device. The company is also providing life-size version in its Apple Store app for iOS devices.

But what if, you know, you simply can't wait or don't want to hold your phone in front of your wrist? Here's a one-dollar hack that shows you (approximately) what the dimensions of the smaller Apple Watch are. Fold a bill (U.S. currency) as directed below and you can get a quick approximation of which size will look best on your wrist. Enjoy.

Here's What the Newest Apple Watch Apps Look Like and Can Do

Request a ride on Uber with Apple Watch. Without reaching for your phone.
Request a ride on Uber.Apple
Request a ride on Uber with Apple Watch. Without reaching for your phone.
When you receive a notification, the Taptic Engine alerts you with a gentle tap.
You can scroll through and like images on Instagram right from your wrist.
The SPG app on Apple Watch lets you check into your hotel and unlock your room.
Apple Watch will pull your boarding pass from Passbook when you’re near the airport.
You can buy lunch at places like Whole Foods using Apple Pay on Apple Watch.
See who’s calling without having to reach for your phone.
Get timely activity reminders and progress updates throughout the day.
Receive your iPhone notifications.
The Workout app provides more detailed measurement during specific activities.
Apple Watch encourages you to sit less. Move more. And get some exercise.
Swipe up from the watch face for Glances, quick summaries of the information you use most.
In the Now Playing Glance, you can control your music right from your wrist.
In addition to timekeeping, communications, and health and fitness, Apple Watch lets you do so much more.
Request a ride on Uber.
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