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This Is What High-Fives Look Like to Your Hand 

High five, bro!


What does running around a city high-fiving random strangers look like to your hand? It looks totally awesome, as this video proves.

Artist Andrew Maxwell-Parish thinks handshakes are kind of lame. “It’s a gesture with no soul and reeks of a corporate entity,” he writes in a set of instructions to build the project. “Why must we limit ourselves to this one boring interaction?” To prove the ultimate supremacy of the high-five, he made a helmet-camera rig to record himself giving high-fives.

The result is both a little ridiculous and a lot charming. As he walks along city streets or beach boardwalks, the artist swings his hand out wide. Every person Maxwell-Parish meets, young or old, gives a wide grin as they receive and reciprocate the high-five. Who wouldn’t?

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