Ebola Virus
This micrograph reveals human hepatocytes infected with the Ebola virus, the cause of Ebola hemorrhagic fever. The Ebola pathogen is a member of the Filoviridae family of RNA viruses. It is known to be spread through close contact with an infected host.  Media for Medical / UIG via Getty Images

Officials: No Ebola In Canada

Mar 25, 2014

UPDATE 10:05am

Canadian health officials have ruled out the ebola virus as the cause of a hemorrhagic fever suffered by a man who recently traveled to Liberia.

The man, currently in medical isolation, became sick after he returned to Canada from West Africa, but officials have determined he does not have the virus, reports the Associated Press. There are no other confirmed cases of ebola in Canada.

An outbreak of the virus has killed 59 people in Guinea, on the border of Liberia, in recent days. The fever has no vaccine or specific treatment and ends in bleeding from the mouth or eyes.


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