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Here Are 12 of SkyMall’s Weirdest Products

In honor of the retail catalogue filing for bankruptcy, here are some of its strangest offerings

  • Litter Robots


    If you are too lazy to clean your cat’s litter box, this Jetsons-style contraption will scoop out waste and put it in a special poo drawer as a nice little gift for the next time you check.

  • Money Maze Game


    Because wallets are so boring.

  • Bracelet Assistant


    For people with remarkably bad fine motor skills and no friends to help them put on jewelry.

  • Pet Crate End Tables


    With this fancy piece of furniture, your dog becomes a part of the ambiance. Just don’t keep anything too breakable on top.

  • Passing the Bar Game


    “Fun for lawyers too,” SkyMall promises about this game that’s sure to be as riveting as a case brief.

  • Jumping Hot Dog


    Wait, is that a sausage or a pill?

  • BrilliantSpa Black Diamond Jewelry Steam Cleaner


    I have always wanted a special sink to clean all of my many diamonds.

  • Cobra Walking Stick


    “Practical and stylish,” writes SkyMall, “our walking stick is a required accessory almost any time we venture from home.” We’d never be caught dead without it.

  • Pierogi Ornament


    Folks, do your relatives a favor and buy them REAL pierogis for the holidays.

  • Wine Bottle Glass


    Tell the haters you’re only having one glass. So much classier than drinking straight from the bottle.

  • Mounted Squirrel Head


    Moose heads are, like, so over.

  • Dog Breed Toaster


    Some people like their bread evenly toasted. Others love a really burnt spot in the middle in the shape of a four-legged creature. There’s just no accounting for taste.

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