This image released by the Portland, Ore., Police Bureau, shows David Kalac, 33, who police say is a suspect in the killing of a woman in Port Orchard, Wash., where graphic photos of the victim's body were posted online hours before before police found the body. ( AP Photo/Portland Police Bureau)
By Laura Stampler
November 6, 2014

Washington state police officials said they arrested a man Wednesday night after pictures of his murdered girlfriend’s body were posted online on 4chan, the anonymous messaging board website linked to this summer’s nude celebrity photo leak.

David Michael Kalac, 33, surrendered to Oregon police at 8:50 p.m. local time and was charged with second-degree murder.

The arrest came after an anonymous poster published photos Tuesday appearing to show the corpse of Amber Lynn Coplin, accompanied by the message: “Turns out it’s way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies… She fought so Damn hard.”

The Washington Post reports that another disturbing message by the poster read:

Check the news for Port Orchard Washington in a few hours. Her son will be home from school soon. He’ll find her, then call the cops. I just wanted to share the pics before they find me. I bought a BB gun that looks realistic enough. When they come, I’ll pull it and it will be suicide by cop. I understand the doubts. Just check the f*** news. I have to lose my phone now.

Coplin’s 13-year-old son found her body shortly after the photos were published online.

NBC reports that an affadavit indicates Kalac, who is suspected of driving away in Coplin’s car following her murder late Monday or early Tuesday, texted friends with messages like, “S*** is all f***** now. You’ll see me in the news.”

Police said that Kalac is cooperating with investigators.

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