By Laura Stampler
October 6, 2014

Four years ago, taking pictures of brunch was weird. But on Oct. 6, 2010, everything changed.

Monday marks Instagram’s 4th birthday, and to celebrate, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Instagram gave TIME a time capsule that goes back to the early days of the photo-sharing app. The 13 most popular hashtags of 2010 show that while some things change (um, #iphone4?), some never will (#cat forever):

The Internet loves felines, now and forever

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It's arrived. #iphone4 #elago

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Now we have polar vortexes to worry about

#snowpocalypse Park Slope

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A Silicon Valley favorite

Another #SFGiants ball for the tree

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About that time again


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It will never end

This was my initial goal for #Movember… sadly I don't think I'll make it..

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We’re now kind of more into #TBT

#TGIF Coffee + Tylenol

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Remember a time before Candy Crush?

This one provided a lot of Halloween costume inspiration

The show will soon enter its final season


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People love capturing natural occurrences

People continue to up their Thanksgiving Instagram game

With all of Instagram’s filter offerings, it’s now kind of hard to resist

The last sunset of 2010, over Brooklyn, is pretty unbelievable. #noFilter

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