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Spring Will Start With Snow

It may officially be spring, but forecasters say a handful of northern states will see a few inches of snow between Friday and Saturday and parts of six states in the south can expect a wintry mix this weekend

The calendar says spring has sprung, but the weather will prove otherwise in parts of the country this weekend.

Forecasts call for a handful of northern states to get between one and six inches of snow between Friday and Saturday. Patches of North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, Vermont, and Maine can expect accumulation. Further south, parts of six southern states from Arkansas to West Virginia are in for a wintry mix on Saturday and Sunday, following temperatures set to reach as high as 70 degrees in Virginia and Kentucky.

Early next week isn’t sounding much better: An artic blast from the north is set to cause more snow and messy weather on Tuesday and Wednesday, Accuweather reports.

So enjoy the brief sunshine while it lasts: Old Man Winter hasn’t packed his bags yet.

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