Summer Confessions: Weight Loss, Finding Love and 11 Other Stories of Change

Aug 20, 2014

Summer is the time for transformation, even if you don't have a first day of school in your future. We're not sure why, but for some reason the summer months are when people tend to find love, lose weight and discover new things about themselves. Maybe it's a leftover impulse from the school year, when everybody wanted to come back in September without braces.

Here are some of the best transformations we found when we asked Whisper users to describe how they've changed this summer in just three words.

Exploring more sexually!
No More Girls
Abs,puberty😂, relationship
Fell even farther.
not at all
Smoked pot once
lost my virginity.
Boyfriend, skinnier, happier!
Got less fat!!!
Got breast cancer
Better volleyball player
Braceless and pinkhaired

For more summer transformations and stories, you can find Whisper here.

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