By Melissa Locker
August 14, 2014

Arcade Fire released a new video this morning — and it takes a cue from the world of Harry Potter.

While the video for “You Already Know” is simpler than the gripping mini-epic they made for “We Exist” — which clocked in at six minutes and starred Andrew Garfield as a young man struggling with his sexuality in a small town — this video still includes some magical moments.

The clip begins with a statue announcing the band’s performance, then the camera tracks up a marble staircase as the group starts playing the catchy Reflektor track in a brightly lit room in a castle-like house. Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler soon relinquishes singing duties to the room’s portraits, who were given microphones and guitars for the occasion. It’s whimsical — but it works for the song.

Watch up top.

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