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Watch a Weird Snippet From Kanye West’s Unreleased ‘RoboCop’ Video

Featuring a nude Amber Rose doll, because sure

Back when Kanye released 808s & Heartbreak nearly six years ago, viewers were supposed to get a music video directed by Hype Williams for “RoboCop” — but it was never released. But this week, for some reason, the world has been granted a very brief glimpse into what could have been. Behold, a strange little snippet which leaked on Instagram:

The clip comes via Shihan Barbee, a CG modeler who was involved in the video’s production, as XXL reports. The 13-second stop-motion clip features the head of Kanye’s then-girlfriend Amber Rose digitally inserted onto the body of a naked doll. She basically just jerks around while Ye stands there.

Alas, the full video may never surface — but here are some behind-the-scenes interviews with West and Williams:

Man, now seeing the full video feels more urgent than ever. Pretty please, Yeezy?

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