TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY DANIEL SILVA - A teacher writes on the chalk board as pupils attend a class at the "Colegio San Pedro San Felices" public school in Burgos on May 30, 2014. The number of children at risk of poverty in the country jumped by half a million since 2007, before the start of the economic crisis, to 2.5 million, according to a study by Spanish children's charity Educo. At the San Pedro and San Felices school in Burgos in northern Spain teachers report more and more children are coming to class without having showered because the water has been turned off at home after months of unpaid bills, the school's director, Modesto Diez, said. AFP PHOTO/ CESAR MANSO (Photo credit should read CESAR MANSO/AFP/Getty Images)
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July 20, 2014

In Chicago, VOCEL – a small education non-profit for children from under-resourced communities – is behind one of the first initiatives to use crowdfunding to open a preschool, the AFP reports.

“Many for-profit organizations have used crowdsourcing in the past several years to get off the ground, to spread their ideas among a wide crowd, and we thought why couldn’t we do this for a non-profit?” Jesse Ilhardt, director of education for VOCEL, told AFP.

VOCEL started a $70,000 campaign online, asking the public to contribute funds for a preschool center in Chicago. To learn more about crowdfunding in education, watch the video above.


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