Drone Photography Raises Questions About Privacy And Safety
The custom built DJI s1000 Drone in operation at Palm Beach on July 4, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.  Brendon Thorne—Getty Images

8 of the Weirdest Ways People Are Using Drones

Jul 14, 2014

A New York private eye told the New York Post that drones are essentially being used in the one way everyone thought they would: to spy on people. While this use of the unmanned aircraft sounds… just about right… there are many surprising ways that drones have become incorporated into everyday life. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Dronies
Like selfies. But with a drone.

2. High-Tech Alcohol Consumption
Las Vegas' Cosmopolitan Marquee Dayclub offers a poolside bottle service delivered by drones.

3. Laundry Service
A Philadelphia dry cleaner used drones to deliver clean clothing to customers. Beware of strong gusts of wind wrinkling newly pressed button downs.

4. Burritos
And a company called Burrito Bomber has outlined plans to become the world's first airborne Mexican food delivery service.

5. Modern Love
FlowerDeliveryExpress.com tried to use a drone flower delivery service for Valentine's Day. The love hating FAA shut the operation down.

6. Proposing
A man delivered his now-wife a diamond ring via drone. "It's like a little alien," she said as the drone descended. How romantic.

7. Carbo-Loading
The Chinese government shut down a bakery's operation to have drones deliver baked goods.

8. Drug Dealing
A San Francisco startup called QuiQui (pronounce "quickie") plans to start delivering prescription drugs in under 15-seconds. Sorry—no medical marijuana.

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