Mugshot of Justin Bieber, released on Jan. 23, 2014.
Miami Beach Police Dept.
By Dan Kedmey
March 19, 2014

Justin Bieber blamed a wobbly sobriety test on a skateboarding injury, according to a record of his arrest released on Tuesday, but it’s the rest of his defense that’s raising eyebrows.

USA Today reports that police found Bieber in an “agitated and condescending” state on Jan. 23, when he was detained on charges of drag-racing a Lamborghini through a Miami street while under the influence.

“I’m 19 years old,” the report quotes him as saying. “I’m just out having a good time …What were you doing when you were 19?” When the officer responded that he wasn’t driving a Lamborghini, Bieber reportedly replied, “Yeah, well, I bet you didn’t have millions of dollars in your bank account either.”

The alleged condescension approached stratospheric levels when the officer suggested he didn’t seem to have much control over the car. “What?” the singer is quoted as saying. “I’ve been driving Lamborghinis since I was 15.”

Bieber will face trial on May 5.

[USA Today]


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