Homestar Runner

Beloved Internet Cartoon Homestar Runner Is Coming Back

Jul 09, 2014

Gather round, all ye Internet nerds, because we've got some very exciting news. Homestar Runner -- the flash cartoon website created around the turn of the millennium that went viral long before anyone used the word viral -- is coming back.

The site's co-creator Matt Chapman said that he and his brother Mike are now working to develop brand new episodes, Vulture reports. The possibilities are endless, really — but alas, as of right now details are scarce. Chapman did say we're likely to see a new Strong Bad email segment.

"When we did that April Fools update this year, way more people looked at it than we ever even imagined would have at this point," Chapman said on this week's Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show podcast. Turns out that update was a test to see if they could jump back in and continue creating new content.

Of course, we'll have to be patient, as the brothers Chapman don't expect the new cartoons to launch until the fall. Still, we're so pumped we could just liberally apply a bunch of Mountain Dew all over our keyboards out of pure excitement. That, or just dance to some techno:


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