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Maleficent Trailer: Angelina Jolie Breathes Fire

The new trailer for Disney's reinterpretation of Sleeping Beauty features Princess Aurora - played by Elle Fanning - wander through the forest before viewers are treated to a shot of Angelina Jolie's character turn into a dragon and breathe fire

If it feels like we’re getting a Maleficent trailer every day at this point, you’d be correct. Disney’s re-telling of Sleeping Beauty as a live action film from the perspective of the eponymous antagonist isn’t due in theaters until May 30, but we’ve practically seen the whole film through the many previews. In the latest, released online Tuesday, we watch Princess Aurora (played by Elle Fanning) wander through some foreboding woods again. But what we’ve really been waiting to see is Angelina Jolie turn into a dragon and breathe fire. And now we finally have it. Top that, Khaleesi.

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