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Morning Must Reads: June 26

Mark Wilson—Getty Images The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

In the news: Iraq's sectarian warfare; The power of the Tea Party; Aereo's demise; a landmark Supreme Court ruling for digital privacy; 984 ways the United States can advance to the next round of the World Cup; What's prettier in print

  • “The bodies arrive in twos and threes most every day in the Baghdad morgue now, a grim barometer of the city’s sectarian tensions. Most have gunshot wounds to the head, some have signs of torture, and most of them are Sunnis.” [NYT]
    • How the fate of one holy site could plunge Iraq back into civil war [TIME]
  • “Republican Sen. Thad Cochran’s runoff victory Tuesday exposed the limits of tea-party power at the polls, but conservative activists retain considerable influence in Congress as they fight the Export-Import Bank, an immigration law overhaul and higher taxes to repair bridges and roads.” [WSJ]
  • House Republicans to sue Obama [TIME]
  • Explaining Aereo’s Demise: Bad for Cord-Cutters, Good for Lawyers [TIME]
  • “The Supreme Court issued a far-reaching defense of digital privacy in a landmark ruling Wednesday, blocking law enforcement officials from searching cell phones without a warrant at the scene of an arrest or after—except in cases of extraordinary and specific danger, like child abduction or the threat of a terrorist attack.” [TIME]
  • How Eric Holder outlasted his (many) critics. [Politico Mag]
  • 984 ways the United States can advance to the next round of the World Cup [NYT]
    • Beyond the Bite: 5 of the most shocking World Cup moments [TIME]
  • Prettier in Print
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